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  Economic Environment
Economic Enviroment Infographics
This technical note consists of three infographics on basic economic concepts: GDP, inflation and unemployment. They are part of a new family of educational material, which is versatile in its application and can be used by students or by professors in a class in order to explain complex concepts step by step, in a entertaining way.
Economic Superpowers
A GDP forecasting exercise
This interactive technical note focuses on GDP and its importance as an indicator of economic well-being. Using the information provided, students will make GDP predictions for the worldís largest economies, for the next 15 years. After justifying their reasoning the application will automatically simulate their results and create an student specific GDP ranking for the future.
Breaking the mold in Africa:
A new model of development?
This interactive case consists in some basic facts about the continent, to a wide range of interactive data, videos and a small simulation.
Spain Case Study
From Transition to Modern Times
Multimedia case study that shows the main problems of the Spanish economy between 1973 and 2010, setting the context for students to analyse the solutions provided by the different governments in power. This online case study includes a statistics section which contains interactive graphs that help contextualize the events.
Market and enterprise in perfect competition
Interactive graph
This interactive tool explains the adjust in short and long term of the market and the enterprise under the theory of perfect competition. It allows the interaction of both dimensions and to see the equilibrium process in terms of profits, looses, prices, and exchanged quantities.
IE Multimedia Award 2010. Best Valued Category
World Oil Prices
An economic approach
This multimedia case study is designed to introduce students to the basic tools of supply and demand, and to observe and predict how they operate in a real market that is constantly grabbing headlines: the global petroleum market. The analysis of this interactive case study is based around those events that have affected the price of oil since 1970 to 2006.
IE Multimedia Award 2009. Best Valued Category
Country Investment Decision
Country Investment Decision is a multimedia case study in which the student adopts the role of an International Fund Advisor. The student must study the data available online about different countries in order to prioritize the investment options and make their final investment proposal. This multimedia documentation includes a series of interactive graphs which allow the main economic indicators to be compared across countries.
Best Valued IE Multimedia Awards 2008 Finalist
The United States Economy
This multimedia case study considers the development of the U.S. Economy up until 2005, detailing its achievements and shortfalls. It is separated into three main sections: an in-depth country analysis including key economic indicators and their progress, an interactive timeline illustrating the key events in the nationís history, and an online simulator which attempts to simulate the power of the nation on the rest of the world.
Data and Indicators for Country Analysis
The objective of these interactive graphs is to provide students with easy access to a wide variety of relevant indicators that will enable them to analyze and compare online different countries from an economic perspective. The data in this multimedia documentation can be retrieved in three types of interactive graphs and it can also be downloaded in an Excel spreadsheet.
Economic policy simulator
Beginning with the details of an unnamed country, this multimedia case study lets students combine various economic policies online to analyse their future impact (in the following two years) on the main macroeconomic indicators.
Balance of payments
Multimedia documentation in which students can get to grips with how to draft a balance of payments, and analyse how it works. A series of interactive exercises that the students completes online complement this multimedia documentation.
IE Multimedia Award 2007. Highest Rated Category
Interactive graph of exchange rates
This online tool enables students to understand in an interactive manner the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on the foreign exchange market in the short term. This multimedia documentation allows students to interact with the variables of the currency demand and supply curves through an interactive graph and see the effect on the exchange rate.
Interactive graph of a competitive market
The aim of this interactive graph is to help students understand the mechanics of the supply and demand model in a microeconomic environment and under perfect competition. The multimedia documentation allows the student to interact online directly with the graph.
IE Multimedia Award 2005. Highest Rated Category
Interactive graph of the aggregate supply and demand model
The purpose of this multimedia technical note is to enable students to learn and understand in an interactive manner the cause-effect relationship in the full aggregate demand and supply (AD/AS) model, and for them to see the adjustments of the economy in the short and the long term online. Three short practical case studies illustrate the capacity and limitations of the model when explaining real events.
Interactive graph of aggregate demand policies
Multimedia technical note that enables students to see the effects of changes in monetary and fiscal aggregate demand policies on the adjustment of the goods and services and asset markets. This online documentation includes short interactive exercises to put student´s knowledge to the test.
Interactive graph of aggregate demand
Multimedia technical note that enables students to see the effect of changes in the economic variables that are part of aggregate demand, through the use of an interactive graph. The online documentation is complemented by a series of interactive exercises.
Correctly pricing a product can be one of the key factors in a companyís success. In many instances it is the Marketing Director who must determine this price. For this analysis different tools are available such as the study of the price elasticity of demand.

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