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  Multimedia documentation for individual
and personal use
  IE Business School has opened the access to its multimedia documentation for individual and personal use, under a creative commons license.

IE develops multimedia documentation for both online and face to face courses. More than one hundred modules across all management areas have been developed in house. These modules include multimedia case studies, simulations,online games, interactive graphs and exercises.

This documentation is not intended for self study but as support documentation for professor guided courses. If you are interested in this documentation for institutional use, please contact us.
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This interactive case study describes Aedas, a leading architectural firm, which has developed a strong research culture and this has led to the creation of specialist groups within the firm for the main R&D fields at stake.
Famosa, Financial Restructuring
This Interactive case study covers the financial restructuring of the company Famosa in 2009. During this year the company cannot deal with the debt and starts negotiations with its creditors to alter terms and conditions to ensure the viability of the company in the long term.
Marron Glacé José Posada
In this interactive case study students will develop the internationalization plan for the Spanish company, Jose Posada. Video interviews with the directors of the company, in which they detail each of the markets, helps students determine their strategy which they later send to the professor. The case also includes the production process of the well-known delicacy, Marron GlacÚ.
The Marketing Plan
This multimedia technical note will help the student prepare a marketing plan for their business. With the help of a real example (Whisky DYC) the different parts of the marketing plan will be explained, from the business mission and vision to the expected results and control mechanisms.
Main concepts about Quantitative Methods
Series of videos that help students to understand the main concepts covered in the Quantitative Methods course. These videos are enhanced through the use of presentations and diagrams on an interactive whiteboard in order to simplify the understanding of the topics.
Most valued
Spain Case Study
Masters Series Madrid
Female Entrepreneurs in Africa
Novartis, commercial strategy for success